Yoga & movement for back care

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Back pain and stiffness can relate to a range of different causes and can evolve over many years. In addition, our busy lifestyles means our postural muscles are constantly turned on and may start to pull in different ways.

Yoga for back care combines an ancient tradition with modern evidence-based knowledge. Yoga classes not only address back pain in a safe, gentle and mindful way, but also the stress and tension that usually accompany it. Research shows that routine stretching, alignment, movement, strengthening and breathing through yoga postures can both prevent and relieve symptoms. Yoga, as a mind-body intervention, has been associated with lower pain intensity and better function for people with chronic back pain.[1]


Yoga can help to balance posture, induce relaxation and build a strong yet supple spine.

My classes are designed to help people strengthen the key muscles for good posture and movement and release compensating, overworked muscles. This in turn reduces the strain and torsion on the spine and other joints. 

Incorporating subtle breath work with relaxing and targeted yoga poses, these classes will assist you to develop a body centred awareness, ease in balance and alignment, and show you how to care for your back during yoga practice. They are designed to enable you to manage their own health by continuing to practice the techniques at home. 



General weekly classes

These classes work through a range of yoga asanas (postures and movements) and breathing techniques that both strengthen and ease tension in the back and related structures. Anyone can attend these casual yoga classes.

General classes are currently running at the Camberwell Community Centre. Next term classes start on 4 October 2021. Please contact me if you are interested. Details will be available closer to the date at the Centre's website here.


6-8 week course (or 6-8 classes run over 3-4 weeks)

Starting from the very core of issues related to back problems, these specialised courses take a step-by-step approach to building strength, agility and skills to care for your back over the long term.


These classes are scheduled periodically and can be arranged in groups and conducted in-house for workers. Courses can be tailored to your needs. Longer courses provide more time to refine techniques and become familiar with postures and movements that you can practice at home.

No courses are currently scheduled. Please contact me to discuss options for a group course. Pricing is dependent on numbers and length of course. 

Download brochure for Back Care for Home Support Workers.

Download brochure for Back Care for Municipal Outdoor Workers.

Private therapy sessions

Empower yourself by building a home-based yoga practice. Bronwen can tailor a program for your special requirements based on your back condition, preferences and ability. Please contact me to arrange a session.

Bronwen’s approach to yoga teaching is: 

• Non-judgmental 

• Positive, fun and relaxing 

• Safety first, always within the limits of your own body.



I found your short course in yoga for back care, incredibly helpful. … The individual attention and correction you gave each of the participants was ... hugely beneficial. It was a privilege to be a member of your class. 

Robin, Castlemaine


[1] Chou R, Deyo R, Friedly J, et al. Nonpharmacologic Therapies for Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review for an American College of Physicians Clinical Practice Guideline. Ann Intern Med. 2017;166(7):493-505. doi:10.7326/M16-2459